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Specialisation enables the provision of detailed, tailor made and in-depth services to meet the specific needs of a client on a case by case basis and the benefits of such an approach to the insured is without doubt a superior selling point in terms of client expectations from a third party service provider.

We have four (4) distinct specialist practices.

Financial Solutions (FINSOL)     |     Specialty     |      Commercial     |     Employee Benefits

Financial Solutions (FINSOL)

Professional liability risks are complex and extensive. Identifying and quantifying these liabilities require a high degree of expert scrutiny. That is why, in addition to coverage specialists, MIT's FINSOL practice employs lawyers and economists to assess a company's exposure from several different vantage points.

Evolving exposures can be anticipated, and risk transfer solutions designed to fit your needs. And since FINSOL is made up of industry experts dedicated to understanding specialized businesses like yours, industry best practices are shared, applied and refined to continually create new business solutions to meet the expectations of an ever changing business environment.

Through our internal network of resources, our intellectual capital forms a worldwide network of information sharing, which ensures that our professionals remain current on business issues affecting the major industries in which they specialize, including:

•  Banking, Investment Banking and Broker/Dealers
•  Insurance Companies and Asset Managers
•  Merchant Banking and Venture Capital
•  Accountants, Attorneys, Architects and Engineers
•  Media, Communications, Entertainment
•  Technology
•  Health Care


Specialty is a practice within MIT Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd (MIT) focusing exclusively on providing solutions for Infrastructure, Power & Utilities, Marine & Energy, Trade Credit and Political Risks Exposures.

We act for owners, principals, major contractors, financial lenders and sector professionals. Exposures in the industry are changing, and responsibilities are evolving. We will reassess the range and applicability of specialist insurance coverage and tailor made it to mitigate the effects of any consequential financial loss. Through our network, we can access specialist professionals for related risks, as well as markets in the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Asia Pacific for the placement of these risks.

The Specialty Practice provides a unique blend of transactional and advisory services in the following specialty lines:

•    Construction (CAR) / Erection All Risks (EAR)
•    Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP) / Delay in Start-Up (DSU)
•    Machinery Breakdown
•    Marine Hull & Cargo
•    Aviation Hull & Liability
•    Operational Manuscript wordings for Large & Specialised Programs
•    Offshore Construction & Operational Programs
•    Trade Credit
•    Political Risks - Sabotage & Terrorism

An overview of our scope of services would include the following:

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  Claims Advocacy
  Claims management in consultation with qualified lawyers in corporate law and directors’ liability.
Program Strategy
  Contract review and lender’s due diligence and guidance on coverage and program design.
  Program Execution
  Placement with rated securities on agreed program design.
  Technical Reviews
  Analysis of wordings, indemnities and advice on product development
  Risk Control
  Project Monitoring & Operational Maintenance Surveys


Small commercial businesses are the fastest growing sector of most economies around the world. This pace of growth carries with it special needs for efficient risk management in order to avoid losses that can undermine a thriving small business.

MIT designs, manages, and administers insurance programs for growing organizations. Our team knows the competitive marketplace our clients face. We use that knowledge to tailor benefits programs and property and casualty coverage to an organization.

We monitor the total environment in which our clients work by staying abreast of changes in technology, the economy, the workforce and the market -- and how these factors impact business strategies. This thorough analysis allows us to help our clients make informed decisions about managing their risks.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits practice helps develop innovative solutions to enhance competitiveness in recruiting and retaining valued employees. The stability and success of your business greatly depends on your people and as such, your program must be advantageous in the market and valued by your employees.

We want you to achieve the maximum returns on your investment. Focusing on needs-based planning, MIT provides the following services to corporate clients:

•  Designing a tailor made and cost effective health care program
•  Implementing the health care program
•  Ongoing consulting on trends and the changing environment relating to employee health care and benefits

These capabilities are linked through a framework that maximizes the client-service benefits of our organization in knowledge, innovation and specialisation, while eliminating impediments to efficiency and the delivery of seamless service.